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Money laundering

The lawyers at ECKSTEIN & KOLLEGEN defend individuals and companies against accusations of money laundering and provide preventive advice on the requirements for proper anti-money laundering compliance.

The offence of money laundering under Section 261 of the Criminal Code has become a catch-all offence for the investigating authorities since, under the new “all crimes” approach, any object can be the object of money laundering resulting from any illegal domestic or foreign predicate offence. Moreover, since the reckless commission of an offence is sufficient, it is often easier for the investigating authorities to prove money laundering than to prove a predicate offence.

In addition, the Money Laundering Act stipulates special preventive measures for the group of persons required to comply with the Act. These include in particular the preparation of a risk analysis and the submission of suspicious money laundering reports. ECKSTEIN & KOLLEGEN lawyers can advise on the preparation of risk analyses as well as in the case of suspected money laundering.