Criminal law and criminal defence in Munich – ECKSTEIN & KOLLEGEN

Our law firm is located right in the heart of Munich. Our lawyers exclusively specialise in criminal law and advise clients throughout Germany, in particular on all aspects of commercial criminal law (“white collar crimes”) and tax criminal law.

Outstanding legal expertise, understanding of our clients’ economic affairs, strategic skills and absolute discretion are a matter of course for each of us.

We practise in all areas of criminal law. However, a specialisation on particular core areas has evolved from our many years of experience, primarily including commercial criminal law issues of any kind, tax criminal law and medical criminal law issues. Last the law firm has been named as one of the top law firm in the Focus Special Editions for years, most recently in 2018 in the area of white collar crime. We offer assistance in the investigation of facts in companies that might give rise to criminal proceedings, and we also frequently deal with retrials. All employees of our law firm are specifically trained and qualified for providing these legal services.

Any criminal law investigation imposes a particular burden on the individual person concerned and on his next of kin, but also on any company involved. Owing to our many years of experience in all areas of criminal law, we are entirely familiar with the peculiarities inherent in this very specific area of the law. Taking into account the constantly changing criminal legislation and the court rulings relating thereto, we can offer each of our clients an innovative defence strategy tailored to his very individual situation.

In this respect we also consider it our task to factor in the inevitable implications of criminal proceedings on other legal areas (employment law, professional law, family law, tax law, etc.) by consulting well versed colleagues specialising in the respective fields of the law. We have resort to a large group of competent and experienced counsels.

Lawyers for commercial criminal law, tax criminal law and criminal defence in Munich

The law firm of ECKSTEIN & KOLLEGEN was founded by lawyer and specialist criminal defence lawyer, Frank Eckstein, in Munich in 2012. Together with the lawyers and specialist criminal defence lawyers, Dr. Christian Fröba, Dr. Matthias Dominok and Lawyer Stefanie Amann, all the main focuses of activity within the scope of criminal law are covered by the Munich-based defence lawyers. The lawyers represent their clients throughout Germany and internationally. They are particularly involved in consultancy and criminal defence in the following areas of criminal law:

We can also cover legal areas outside criminal law at short notice by enlisting experienced and specialist lawyers, tax consultants and public accountants from our extensive network. We’d be happy to work with your own consultants as well.

You can reach our defence lawyers in Munich via e-mail at kanzlei@eckstein-kollegen.de or by phone at +49 89 4111996 0. Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d be happy to advise you and defend you – discreetly and successfully.