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Criminal labour law

ECKSTEIN & KOLLEGEN lawyers advise and defend individuals and companies in the area of criminal labour law.

Criminal labour law includes, for example, the withholding and embezzlement of wages, illegal employment of foreigners and employment by foreigners, illegal hiring out of employees, violations of the Minimum Wage Act, the Working Hours Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as well as criminal offences and administrative offences under the Residence Act and the Act to Combat Clandestine Employment.

Proceedings in criminal labour cases can have far-reaching legal as well as economic and personal consequences. First of all, there is the threat of penal or monetary consequences; in addition to the imposition of the actual sanction in the form of fines or penalties, there may also be asset forfeitures and professional bans. In addition, there may also be consequences under civil and labour law or civil service law, such as claims for damages, dismissals and the loss of civil service rights. It may also be necessary to consider aspects of social security law, commercial law and tax law. The factual consequences of proceedings in criminal labour cases can also be of considerable importance; in particular, media coverage can sometimes have far-reaching negative effects.

In individual cases, this mix of interdependent interests may require the development and pursuit of a holistic strategy. The lawyers of ECKSTEIN & KOLLEGEN can offer a defence tailored to each individual case that takes into account the particular interests involved. To the extent necessary, the defence by the lawyers of ECKSTEIN & KOLLEGEN in such cases is carried out in close coordination with, for example, the legal representation in civil or labour law proceedings.