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Preventive consulting and internal investigations

Preventive consulting, also known as compliance, and internal investigations have rapidly gained in importance in recent years, especially in commercial criminal law, with the increasing number of investigations against companies and their employees and officers.

Approaches in compliance consulting often arise in the run-up to the initiation of investigative proceedings and explicitly serve to avoid such proceedings. The creation of functioning compliance systems and their implementation is one of ECKSTEIN & KOLLEGEN‘s strengths. Following the initiation of an investigation, it is often necessary to realign or implement failing or non-existent compliance systems. This requires comprehensive legal knowledge of the subject matter, but also an understanding of business administration. On this basis, Eckstein & Kollegen develops corresponding sets of rules, implements training measures and control mechanisms.

ECKSTEIN & KOLLEGEN also coordinates and oversees the legally sound clarification of facts relevant under criminal law by means of internal investigations and, if necessary, cooperates in this regard with the investigating authorities. This is often followed by the filing of criminal charges and assistance with recovery.

ECKSTEIN & KOLLEGEN has many years of experience and expertise in the areas of compliance and internal investigations. Our objective at all times is to develop individual solution-oriented strategies for the affected companies.