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Company representation

In recent years, the investigating authorities have, when initiating an investigation in the area of commercial criminal law, increasingly focused not only on the employees and responsible persons of a company, but also on the company itself. Corporate criminal law does not officially exist, however the legal situation currently allows for the imposition of so-called corporate fines and even the confiscation of profits from criminal activities. The initiation of proceedings against a company often goes hand-in-hand with reputational risks and other risks that threaten a company’s existence and economic viability.

In this context, it is important to react promptly in the event of criminal procedural measures. In particular, the presence of the appointed law firm is required during search measures. In these procedural situations, ECKSTEIN & KOLLEGEN lawyers can advise a company strategically in all areas and position it vis-à-vis the investigating authorities and the public, often also informed at the time investigations are initiated. In doing so, we focus on the control and coordination of the overall proceedings, also with regard to the affected accused employees and responsible persons of the company, depending on the situation.

Coordinating the overall proceedings for the company also includes taking into account and handling other accompanying issues such as dealing with supervisory authorities, insolvency administrators or other third parties. In this regard, Eckstein & Kollegen also has at its disposal a multidisciplinary network of trustworthy and competent colleagues in Germany and abroad, who have the necessary specialist knowledge for specific problems relating to, for example, labour law, tax law, insolvency law, etc.

The team at ECKSTEIN & KOLLEGEN has many years of experience and competence in all areas of corporate representation and consulting. Our objective at all times is to develop individual solution-oriented strategies for the affected companies.